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Recommend a candidate

You're about to recommend a candidate you think would be ideal to join THE QUEST.
If so, you'll obviously receive a nice gift 😊
Our teams will also get in touch with the candidate if they agree with you that THE QUEST is right for him/her.

A reminder:
THE QUEST is the first entrepreneurial training center.
A new-generation entrepreneurship program for 17-27 year-olds.
Inspired by training centers for top athletes.
Designed as a multiplayer online game.
Designed for those who want to start working on their dream project, rather than sitting in a classroom.

The recommendation is here and now 👇

1 — The best thing is to share with us the URL or @ of one of his social profiles where he is active 🙂
(email address or cell phone number if you don't have one)
2 - For your gift, can we have your first and last name? ❤️
3 - What about your email address?
4 - Ideally, your telephone number!
5 - Last question: why do you think he's the ideal candidate for THE QUEST?